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A brief guide as we usually make an appointment

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Questions in advance?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have on the phone, by text-message or by e-mail or at our Escort Forum.

Alternatively, go to our contact form, please.


When, who, where, how ...

Once you know who you want to meet where when and how, we will forward the request to your desired companion.

As soon as we have received a confirmation, we return immediately on the way of your choice (call, text message, forum, mail).


Escort Booking

If all questions are solved, we need your name, the address and a fixed number for a call-back.

For a hotel visit we need the number of room and a direct dial-in directly into your room if possible.

If this is not possible in your hotel, we need your name to get a redirection from the reception to your room.

A meeting at a different location than at your home or hotel is usually only possible if we already know you better.


Your Date

If you are quartered in a hotel where it is a need to use a key card for the lift, your escort needs to be collected in front of the hotel, in the lobby or in another location.

Please clarify the financial discreetly directly at the beginning of an encounter, gladly inconspicuous with the help of a cover.